Sidebar Groups and Sub Groups for Teams makes Team Visibility Clearer in Hub Planner

The Hub Planner sidebar is a great way to organise your team into different departments, categories and disciplines to make Resource Management of your global teams easier. The latest update to the sidebar introduces a few usability updates to make it more transparent the information contained within the groups and sub groups for teams. The updates include.

  • New Sub Groups Count – If there is sub groups in your group, this will show on the parent group so you know what is in there.
  • New Global Count – All resources or projects are now counted on the top level parent group. Before this was only taking items in the parent group and ignoring sub-groups.
  • New Sub Group Count – The Sub Groups also have their own count, before this was just an icon to represent the sub group.
  • Longer Team Name Support – The groups now built out vertically instead of ellipsing if you had a long team name.

Using Groups as Smart Groups

Smart Groups give you a way to dynamically create different teams or sub sets of projects based on dynamic information such as skills sets, locations, regions or languages. It is popular due to the way it can help you know who is available in your growing team without needing to move people around from group to group as changes happen. There is an interesting article here which helps guide you through that process.