What’s Next for Hub Planner?

As Hub Planner is the leading Resource Management software on the market, we need to be smart and stay on top. Our constant goal is to make it smarter, and  better and better for our current users and attract new teams. Hub Planner provides you with transparent view of resource scheduling, project planing and forecasting. With that in mind, let’s have a quick look what new features and updates we have in store for smart resource management!

Brand New Smart Scheduler for Resource Management

This is exciting! Hub Planner have been working on a brand new and exciting smart technology stack for the Scheduler. The new scheduler, the home base of Hub Planner will encompass a huge performance boost. Not only that the leading resource management software will have brand new UI enhancements, smart features and design updates. We’re super excited for this one. Let’s give you a little taste of what to expect.


Smart Filters for Resource Management

Hub Planner is set to get even better and better! One of our unique and popular features in Hub Planner is being able to match the right person to the right project using the search and schedule by skillset, location etc. Now, we go one step further. Now we can filter based on availability or utilization. This is called Smart Filters in Resource Management. Now we can easily filter the view of the scheduler based on people available, how well the team are utilized. Choose your date range too to narrow the results


Smart Scheduler Builder for Resource Management

You are familiar with our powerful report builder? Now meet the powerful scheduler builder! The success of the report builder that allows teams to build and save their own reports based on their own filters and criteria. With the smart schedule builder, you will be able to build and save your own teams, project groups easier than ever making resource management a breeze. Not only that we can also enhance your efforts with the Smart Schedules coming your way too.

Smart Schedules for Resource Management

Now teams can build and create varying schedule views based on custom fields, projects, teams, skill sets, locations, booking categories and status options. Not only that, combine the Smart Filters feature to really enhance the schedule view and overall resource management experience. This is one powerful enhancement coming your way.

New Smart Booking Menu

We will also introduce a brand new smart booking menu that completes the overall new scheduler and resource management experience well. A new modern approach to the menu will help with the scheduling process making it more efficient to create resource and project bookings. The look and feel is more sleek and tied into the overall UI approach.

New Expenses Extension

A brand new function altogether for Hub Planner. Expenses will allow users to track and add expenses incurred on projects and resources. Pull expense reports for projects and resources. Features will include repeat options, distinguish between billable and non billable and bulk add options. This will be a welcome and complimentary approach to resource management with Hub Planner.