Use Google to sign into Hub Planner

Hub Planner, the number one resource management software, today unveils a fresh new update to the login and sign up experience with the introduction of Google Authentication and soon to be released SSO.

This morning, thousands of new and existing users discover the clean, modern and sleek new look when logging in or signing up to Hub Planner. The sleek new look and layout with improved visuals as well as a faster more efficient login process. Google Authentication makes it as easy as possible for you to login to Hub Planner in a seamless and quick way. You can securely access Hub Planner without having to remember credentials.

What does it mean?

Use your google account to sign into Hub Planner. This is a quick, simple and safe way to log into Hub Planner using you google account and not having to re enter your Hub Planner credentials each time.

  • Quick & Easy
  • Convenient
  • Secure Access

Fresh New Login Design

With a fresh new approach to the Hub Planner login, comes with a fresh new design. With the new update, all new and existing users will enjoy experience a sleek new set of login pages. Ascetically pleasing, but boosted by a quicker, smarter and faster login process. Let’s get you resource scheduling and project planning in a jiffy. It’s also quick and easy to switch between the companies you are part of.

Hub Planner Login - Google Sign Up

Hub Planner Login - Google

Control Company Login to Hub Planner with Google

Companies can control the global setting of logging into Hub Planner. Users can enable a setting to “force” users of the account to sign into Hub Planner with Google. This can help to maintain a single point of security for controlling credentials of employees. Users will not have to reply on the standard Hub Planner login. This can be adapted for new and existing users. Using Google to login or sign up to Hub Planner gives companies more control over their own security.

Single Sign On coming very soon….

I know this is a long awaited feature from our users. But, we promise, the wait is nearly over! SSO will shortly be added to Hub Planner. Keep an eye out!

Required nowadays more than ever, we are excited to be developing a marketplace integration for Single Sign On for Microsoft’s Azure, creating a seamless centralized log in. We feel this is an essential aspect for Azure users and gets rid of being redirected to log in for a second time, thus giving you quick, direct and efficient access straightaway. Thumbs Up!