New Update to Double Grouping: by Custom Fields with Heat Map Report support

Now double group reports by Custom Fields. Also, Heat Map Reports are now supported by Secondary Grouping.

A small, quick but powerful feature update for you. Expanding on and following on from the recent release of Hub Planner Double Grouping of Reports. Hub Planner releases more double grouping options available. Custom Fields. Custom Fields, is one of Hub Planners most successful Premium Extensions. Now Hub Planner Reports allows for secondary grouping by Custom Fields. Not only that, we have also released Secondary Grouping to Heat Map reports too. So, you can breakdown report results more by grouping by a secondary option, which now includes custom fields.

Double grouping by Custom fields really shows the depth and vast ability of Hub Planner report analytics for Resource Management.

Double Group by Custom Field

Double Group by Custom Fields

Now with newly added options. Custom Fields, one of Hub Planner’s most popular premium extensions is added to the options for Double Grouping reports. Custom Fields are used for applying customized industry data to your Resources, Projects and Bookings. Being able to segment and report on such relevant data is so important. With custom fields being one of Hub Planner’s most popular extensions, leads to the fast tracking of making them available for double grouping.

Double grouping by Custom fields really shows the depth and vast ability of Hub Planner report analytics for Resource Management. Going from broad general reports to the nitty gritty of analytic data. Completely customizable, you really will find what you’re looking for.

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Heat Map Reports now supported by Double Grouping

One of our most popular extensions meets one of our most popular reports. Heat Maps. You see where I’m going here, right? Now, users can avail of Double Grouping in Heat Map reports. Heat Maps show resource planners the utilization, the capacity, the availability of resources and projects. The ability to now double group is a very welcome addition.  What can we double group? Custom Fields?


Using Heat Maps, users will primary group by either Projects, Resources, Events or Unassigned Work. Now, users can add an additional secondary grouping option. Selecting a custom field to group by. For example, show me Resource Forecasted Utilization grouped by Location. Now the report will show a new report broken down by resource location. Perhaps you can see which location is performing better? Which location is over/under utilized day by day, week on week, year on year. Custom Fields allows you to really delve into the finite details of Resource Management.

Double Group by Custom Field

Users can create heat map reports of Projects, resources, events and unassigned work. These will be the primary grouping of:

  • Projects
  • Events
  • Resources
  • Unassigned

Next you have the type of report:

  • Scheduled Time
  • Reported Time
  • Booking Categories
  • Resource Utilization
  • Resource Availability

Add the secondary Grouping by selected Resource or Project custom field.

More info on Double Grouping?

Do click through to Double Grouping Reports for more help and information. Also, have a look through the Knowledge Base for FAQ style assistance.