What’s Next for Hub Planner?

As Hub Planner is the leading Resource Management software on the market, we need to stay on top. Our constant goal is to make it better and better for our current users and attract new teams. Hub Planner provides you with transparent view of resource scheduling, project planing and forecasting. With that in mind, let’s have a quick look what new features and updates we have in store for you!

New Tag and Track Non-Billable Work

Easy tag and track non-billable work. Fully functional throughout the resource scheduling and project planning platform, users can easily set a piece of work as non-billable or even set a project or resource as non-billable. Use your Timesheet to mark some work as non-billable. Add a note if you wish. Fully track billable and non-billable time and spend via Hub Planner’s powerful Reports function.

New Expenses Extension

A brand new function altogether for Hub Planner. Expenses will allow users to track and add expenses incurred on projects and resources. Pull expense reports for projects and resources. Features will include repeat options, distinguish between billable and non billable and bulk add options.

Pod Schedule@0.5x 1Brand New Scheduler

This is exciting! Hub Planner have been working on a brand new and exciting technology stack for the Scheduler. The new scheduler, the home base of Hub Planner will encompass a huge performance boost, brand new UI enhancements and design updates. We’re super excited for this one.

New Updates to Timesheets

One of the core functions of Hub Planner is Timesheets. We will introduce a brand new version 3 of timesheets taking everything we have learned from the current version of Timesheets and pouring it into the new one.

More Integrations

To add to the recent introduction of the Slack integration. We will continue to introduce some more direct inline integrations to help users have a more complete all in one platform. Of course, third party intermediaries like Zapier are always available to Hub Planner users. Not forgetting API for a more code sophisticated and detailed integration.

What’s in store for Hub Planner?

I suppose that’s enough to get us started, right?! There will be plenty more to add to the list throughout the next year. Hub Planner has lots in store and what’s more, are constantly working on new updates and features to better the performance and better the leading Resource Management software. Keep an eye out on the HP Blog for the press release and the Knowledge Base for release notes. Got any more suggestions? Do keep us posted via the user forum or indeed reach out to us at hell0@hubplanner.com