We are delighted to announce the next part of the Hub Planner journey with some fantastic news. Hub Planner has partnered up with one of the biggest SaaS B2B backers in the Nordics, Monterro. After cementing our position as one of the top global SaaS companies in resource management over the past 10 years, we have helped scores of businesses globally with their capacity and availability planning. Hub Planner, being one of the first softwares to the market are the trailblazers in this growing industry to put pure focus and passion into this niche. We believe this is an amazing opportunity to continue to push the limits of resource management and grow the company further.

“The position of resource management in the market space has really come to life over the last 10 years” says Stephen Martin, founder and CEO of Hub Planner.

“We see companies now hiring dedicated traffic managers, resource managers and the inevitable shift away from using manual spreadsheets to manage people’s capacity and into a tool like Hub Planner. There is an appetite for the time it frees up maintaining these processes and the clarity and transparency it can bring to the team. “

“Monterro brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the B2B SaaS space. They are coming from a position of operational experience, not just financial, which allows us to partner up and focus on building up Hub Planner and provide us with the tools and resources we need to scale and grow. We are all very excited about this and what benefit it can bring to our existing customers and those who would like to come on board.”

Hub Planner will be joined by the likes of Erik Syrén, former CEO of Lime Technologies and Martin Henricson, former CEO of TradeDoubler, Episerver and Outpost24 on the board. “We are in great company with the wealth of experience these guys will bring to the table. People who have been there and done that” says Stephen.

Customers using Hub Planner will really start to see the benefits going forward. We are on the verge of releasing some very cool features in the scheduler which will be a game changer for those looking to get closer to their availability matching.

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