New Timesheet Approval Toolbar

New Timesheet Approval Toolbar. Hub Planner are now making it easier for our users to approve time directly from the timesheets page. By adding a quick manage toolbar, we’re giving our users the ability to seamlessly and quickly approve time. This new enhancement gives our user’s another option to make the timesheets approval process even more efficient.


Approver’s can now quickly approve or reject time directly from the timesheet entry. use the timesheet approval toolbar to quickly manage time entries by Project, Project Group, Resource or Team.

Timesheet_Approval_hub_PlannerBenefits to Timesheets Approval Toolbar

Here, are some benefits of how the Timesheets Approval extension and Toolbar can help:

Ensuring your team is logging time accurately helps teams manage budget estimates better, and accurately allocate resources on projects. Not only that, it’s also another way to hold your team accountable on assigned projects too. The Timesheet Approval Toolbar enhances the benefits by helping Project Managers and Approvers to quickly manage and review the timesheet entries there and then.

Don’t waste such valuable data!

This data becomes super useful when analyzing an individual resource’s capacity and utilization performance. This is what we planned, but this is how long it’s actually taking them to complete the project task. Once the Project Manager or Approver has actioned the timesheet entries using the Timesheet Approval Toolbar, we can then compare a multitude of data and analytics. Hub Planner’s Dashboard and Reports allows you to quickly view these stats and compare the scheduled versus reported. Such valuable data to have when planning the next task and project. What’s more, you can create custom reports to save, share and download. To get you going, Hub Planner has many built-in reports where teams can view all details related to projects, costs, resources and utilization.

Don’t let that data go to waste! Use it to plan better, make more efficient scheduling decisions and boost team performance as well as the financials. The Timesheet Approval Toolbar only enhances and helps project managers and timesheet approvers. Boost productivity and team collaboration by incorporating our Timesheets and Timesheet Approval extension now!

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