Create Demand Pipelines for Incoming work with Unassigned Work Categories.

Supply & Demand – Unassigned Work

You need to schedule the work, but not sure yet who will do it? Working like supply and demand, the Unassigned Work Extension is a great way to schedule work against unassigned categories when you are not sure who should do the work just yet. Great for forecasting and scheduling the pipeline ahead for next week, next month, next year. It also creates a working “demand” area where staff can place the work that needs to be scheduled on a resource “supply”. Then, once ready to offload the demand, a resource planner or manager who is responsible for the scheduling can quickly assign the booking to an available resource.

  • Integrated into Roles
  • My Dashboard Integration
  • Dashboard Pro Tasks Integration
  • Unassigned Tasks Integration
  • Schedule Unassigned Time
  • Create Unassigned Working Categories
  • Report on Project Unassigned Time
  • Unassigned Time Row Aggregation
A very typical working scenario you find yourself in is when you have work you need to Schedule, but you are not sure who is going to do the work yet! This neat extension helps solve that issue with an nice unassigned workflow. The aim of the extension is to allow for time to be scheduled in an unassigned capacity as business “Demand”, and allows the people scheduling the resources to find availability from the resource Supply and book that demand.
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Unassigned Work Settings

What’s more, is that you can assign the categories to the relevant projects and resource groups. For example, assign the Design category to the Design Team. They can view the schedule pipeline for their team.

Customize the pipeline with Unassigned Work Categories

Unassigned Work Categories help you define customized buckets where the unassigned time can be scheduled against. Whether you have one or 21, you can create the relevant buckets that will help you to forecast the pipeline and schedule the unassigned work. Here is an example of some discipline areas you could have: 

  • Design
  • Development
  • QA
  • Project Management
  • Sales
  • Pitch Work

Scheduling Unassigned Work

Scheduling unassigned work is really simple. There is a new row added to the top of the scheduler which works as a Parent Row Type. The rows under this is where you will be able to add the Unassigned Time and see your unassigned categories.


Unassigned Aggregation

All time in the Unassigned Row is totaled up per column you are looking at, and then total for all unassigned rows on the top. This gives you a daily snapshot of how much demand you have at the moment which you need to plan.

Unassigned Reports

The Unassigned Extension is bundled with new Unassigned Report Templates which allow you to generate unassigned reports in project context. An Unassigned row has no availability or capacity and can be used towards the Supply and Demand report to see how you are doing. There is also the Report Builder that will help with building a custom report based around Unassigned Work. 

Unassigned Work for Project Planning