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Resource & Project Sidebars, Group Layouts & Views

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Hub Planner Sidebars

So first things first. The top of the sidebar has two tabs. Projects / Resources. when you click on Projects, you will have your projects sidebar. When you click on Resources you. have the Resources sidebar. Each sidebar has a listing of groups or folders. Within each group or folder will have a drop down of projects or resources. As standard, Hub Planner will automatically group your projects and resources by status. For example: 

  • Active Resources / Active Projects 

  • Archived Resources / Archived Projects 

Following on from the standard pre populated group options. You can also create groups within the sidebar. For example, creating a Resource Group by Team Name or Seniority. On the Project side, you might create a project group by client or department etc. 

Within each group, the very first option after activating the drop down will be the option to view the group schedule. By clicking group schedule, the Hub Planner scheduler will automatically gather the schedule of all projects or resources together within the one view. 

Add+ new

No matter what tab you are in Resources or Projects, the very first option will always be the ‘Add New’ button. Clicking on Add New will activate a drop down list of options. Whether you are in the Project or Resources sidebar will always have the same options. Options include the ability to schedule a resource or project, to add a new resource, a project, a new event, a resource group or project group. Should you have Unassigned Work installed, you will see the option to add here too. There are also options to add import or bulk add multiple resources and projects by clicking on the 3 vertical dots.
Project Resource Sidebar.   Project Resource Sidebar

Project Sidebar 

Each sidebar is grouped by a status folder like ‘Active Projects’, Pending Projects etc. You can also create Project Groups. For example you might create a project group by client or by department etc. Click the folder which will activate a drop down of projects from that group. The first option will be to view the ‘Group Schedule’ of that folder. When you click Group Schedule, the scheduler will activate the view of all projects within that group. You can subsequently switch the layout of the scheduler view by clicking on the layout modes button (tv icon).

Project Resource Sidebar

Resources Sidebar

This works the exact same way for a resource view. The Resource sidebar will contain all status resource groups like Active Resources, Archived Resources etc. Again, you can also create customized Groups of Resources such as teams or departments, or levels of seniority etc.

Example Resource Group view 

For example, I want to view the schedule of all my Designers together within the one view. Firstly I will create my Resource Group of Designers. Find out how to do that here: Locate the resource group within the sidebar. Click the Resources tab at the top left. Locate and click ‘Designers’ resource group. Clicking Designers will activate the drop down of all resources belonging to the Resource group. Next, I will click on the group schedule button. This will now display all the resources of the Designers group within the Hub Planner scheduler. I can switch the scale of the scheduler as well as the layout of the views too. Scale options include by Hours, by Day, by week or month. Click the TV icon to switch between the layout of how you will see the scheduler of resources to projects. 
  1. Click ‘Resources’ tab 
  2. Select ‘Designers’ group 
  3. Select the ‘Group Schedule’ option to view all bookings of the resource group.
  4. Click the magnifying glass to switch the scale of the scheduler 
  5. Click the TV Icon to switch between layout views. 
Project Resource Sidebar

View Modes

Within the scheduler, you can switch the layout of the projects or resources. Whether you are in project mode, a resource group schedule or individual project. Feel free to switch between different view modes that will configure the scheduler. There are 3 options of layout modes.
  • Grouped
  • Single Rows (Resource & Project)
  • Single Rows (Resource)

Each mode will switch the layout of the scheduler differently. Pick and choose which layout best suits the currently scenario or which you find most useful. Playing around with the different view modes can help with providing the overall picture and a quick click to get a more detailed overview. Management and resources planners will get a lot out of this feature which will be super helpful in planning and scheduling.

Project Resource View Mode
For example: The group schedule of UK Design Team. Selecting Grouped rows will condense each resource row to only show the capacity bar. Showing you the utilization of resources at a high level. You can click on each resource for a breakdown of project bookings, and simply roll back up when done. Whether you have selected to represent capacity by numbers, bar or colors, this view mode will help provide an overall view of the group schedule. Hover over each cell to show you the availability in hours of each resource for that day. Click each resource to show a drop down of the projects and bookings assigned to the resource. Click the resource again to roll up to the capacity bar view.
Project Resource View Mode Scheduler

Sidebar Help

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