On the back of the launch of our new 2015 Resource Planner this week, we have added a few more planning features to the update. The long list of post-tweaks and enhancements can be seen here, but the most notable of those updates today are the ability to drag and drop a project from the sidebar and the introduction of 2 new zoom views.

Book Resources with Drag and Drop

You now have the ability to book a resource in any view directly from the sidebar. From the projects sidebar you can drag any project right into the grid and drop it over a date and resource. The new booking will be added as a full time booking initially but you can then adjust that as you wish once it is added. This can be a really quick way to add some initial bookings to your resources using the sidebar list.

This Week and This Month

A core part of the new grid was to introduce new fluid scrolling to Hub Planner. The move away from fixed layouts allows much more accessibility to find bookings and resources over ranges of time. Saying that we also wanted to add functionality which allows you to zoom in on a fixed time range. To cater for this we added 2 new views to the drop down for “This Week” and “This Month”. Both of these views still allow you to take advantage of the new grid tools, but zoom you right into the data you are interested in seeing right away.

More Updates

We are in tweak mode and constantly listening to feedback and our team are pushing in live updates as quickly as possible. The new grid has been in QA (Quality Assurance) mode during November / December 2014, so while we don’t expect many issues there may naturally be something not working right for you, or an improvement you may wish to see. To get in touch email us directly at hello@hubplanner.com.