extension_extended_dashboardThe Team Dashboard Pro Extension allows you to greatly enhance the functionality and scope of how the dashboard can be used to benefit your business. This will be of particular interest to those looking to view Project Specific Dashboards, Team & Group Dashboards.  The Team Dashboard Pro is a paid extension and can easily be added to your account via the Extensions page.

You will find similarities between both Dashboard interfaces, but the pro version add’s so much more functionality and usability for the ultimate team management experience. 


What is Included?

The main components included in the Team Dashboard Pro are:

  • Project Dashboards – Get a breakdown of your Projects in a Dashboard
  • Project Team – Group Dashboards
  • Resource Team – Group Dashboards
  • Additional Tabs for Inline Projects and Resources
  • Deep dive into any team members dashboard
  • Deep dive into any project
  • Completely integrated with Role Rights
  • View Schedules within the Dashboard

Team Pro Enhancements

As well as new Dashboard to view data, the Team Dashboard Pro comes with more navigational and functional elements to help you get around.

Sidebar Navigation


A Sidebar Navigation is added to allow you to quickly navigate between the different types of dashboard options. You can flip between My Dashboard, Project Dashboards and Resource Dashboard. Each Sidebar option has its own menu with unique options.

Dashboard Menu


A quick edit and add menu is added to the top right of each dashboard page. This menu allows you to access dashboard specific items such as editing the particular project, group or resource you are looking at, or viewing timesheets, schedule or more in-depth reports for that dashboard view.

Inline Tabs


The inline tabs are extended for each dashboard view to give you more options to move around and see contextual information. You can quickly navigate between Dashboard, projects, resources and schedule to take a snapshot of the content.

Project Dashboard

The project dashboard allows you to see a Project at a glance. You can see the schedule time on the project, the reported time, overall completion as well as what time is scheduled the next 30 days for the team.

You will also have a Project Chart for each dashboard highlighting the reported time and booked time progress as well as the team and schedule.


Date Range Picker

Choose between different time ranges to pull present, future and past data into the Dashboard.


Report Time Module & Progress

All time is broken down into different segments of reported time.


Scheduled Time

All scheduled time on a project is broken down per your date range selection. You get the added bonus of relative amounts so you can see how you are doing compared to last time.


Project Timeline Events

Each Project Dashboard comes with a Project Timeline which highlights Start and End dates as well as Milestones and Holidays.


Project Charts

Detailed project charts to show you where the time is being scheduled and reported.


Budgets and Tasks

Get a breakdown of how much time is being consumed on the project and how the budget is doing. A task widget also allows you to view a snapshot of your tasks.


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