We got some very positive feedback on our reports launch the last few weeks and some of that feedback suggested some improvements to be made. Those updates include:


Share Reports

We have now introduced a “Share Report” button to allow you to quickly ping the report you are looking at to another admin in your organisation.


Updated “Capacity” to “Booked”

We were using the word “Capacity” in the Report Pie Chart which was slightly confusing some client workflows who use capacity to define something else in a project. We agreed capacity was not the best word and updated the text to booked. The pie % shows the % your resources are booked on a project basis over any date range.

Moved Date Range Picker

In order to keep the main interface section clean in smaller resolutions we moved the date range picker to the sidebar under the pie chart.

Responsive Design & Fixes

We updated the reports section to work better under responsive conditions as well as a few fixes.



We received a lot of feedback on this particular point and happy we have finally updated it. We in fact updated this to the main system last week but are only writing about it now. The bookings on the grid now display dynamic information about the exact hours you are booked on and how much that totals per your hours/day. It updates as you resize the cell on the grid or manually update the hours via the input field.


That’s it for now…Enjoy and please keep letting us know how we can meet your business needs!

Hub Planner Team