A few nice features have gone live lately, and we would like to introduce you the new functions. The spotlight of improvement was this time on the iCal Feed and Repeat Booking feature.

iCal Feed

Our iCal Feed feature has been through a little upgrade. The feature has been improved by integrating Notes and Categories for more transparency and functionality. This means that any notes you choose will be pushed to the local calendars along with the rest of the feed. 


Repeat Booking 

Hub Planner-Repeat Booking

The second update concerns the Scheduler’s Booking function – Repeat. The repeat booking option has been updated with the following improvements.

You can now:

  • Update all Colors in a Repeat Sequence
  • Edit and Change the Repeat Frequency and Interval
  • Add Allocation when creating a repeat (Also applies to new bookings)
  • Edit Allocation across all repeat bookings at once
  • Copy and Paste a repeat

The main improvements focus on giving you the option weather you would like to update a single booking in the repeat series or all of them. A practical example could be changing the color or percentage of everything in 1 click.