Being able to tap into the team’s schedule at any point in time, is critical for quick decision making and successful project management. Hub Planner’s core works hard to give project managers and team members this transparency, and now it has become even more powerful.

Introducing the brand new and improved mobile UI from Hub Planner. Re-engineered from the ground up, this web based application no longer uses a ‘responsive’ web layout, but instead it’s own unique mobile friendly interface.

“Trying to fit a fully fledged scheduler into a small mobile resolution was a challenge. Instead of adapting the approach of responsive design and fitting a square into a circle, we took the approach to create a pure web mobile user interface which reflects very closely to a native app.”
Hub Planner

Excellent User Experience

A big motivator was to create a mobile version that would significantly enhance the user experience and ease the scheduling and planning processes on the go. A core strength of the new mobile version is that it is clean in design, familiar and very intuitive to use. The scheduler gives you a quick overview of what’s ahead, as well as your resources and their immediate availability. This is particularly emphasized visually by red, green and blue colors indicating the availability of your team.

Plan on the go

In the real world, if you quickly need to assign a resource to a project or check availability, you just select your resource and click on a date in the scheduler to see the availability for that day. It will appear straight under the scheduler in numbers as well as in color for better and faster orientation.

The scheduler itself also has a heat map style layout which tells you immediately where the gaps may be.


Hub Planner’s mobile version is developed to function across different browsers and platforms. All you need to do is to login with your favorite browser.

Our new mobile version is a creation that offers project managers an advantage and is a smart solution for faster and flexible planning, independent of your location. Last and not least, it is worth saying that this is evolving mobile version. The next edition will introduce more features.

Click here to learn more about our mobile version.