We have been luckily enough to work with some great Hub Planner clients this year, some of which wanted to help us push the product even further to help their day-to-day business operations. The Account Handler role which we have introduced today has been an collaborative effort developed under our Feature Sponsorship Program together with one of our premium clients, Langland.

The Background

Langland, a UK based HealthCare Advertising Agency, came to us with a business requirement of setting up an integration for their Account Handlers in Hub Planner. Account Handlers typically have the role of scoping out new projects, being able to check availability at a glance and commit to projects with the assurance they are aware of the latest resource schedule from Production. Essentially Langland wanted to be able to add a new role which would allow such a user to login, see everything, but whatever happens don’t touch anything :) With many potential hands in a plan, we could definitely appreciate why they wanted to setup this restriction.

The Solution

Up until now the only way to achieve this was to give an Account Handler either Team access or Admin Access. None of which would really work for this particular group. So we decided to introduce a new role, which thanks to Langland can now be assigned to any resource in Hub Planner.

The new Account Handler Role allows a user to login to Hub Planner and Get Full Access to the Bookings Grid, viewing all Projects and Resources. The limitation being that they cannot edit anything on the grid themselves, it can be compared to a full read-only view. They can still interact with all the elements, navigate, paginate, read / edit notes (if that setting is checked) etc. They also have no access to reporting or other administrative tasks in settings, so the admins remain in full control while giving Account Handlers the information they need to make quick informative decisions.

[blockquote align=”” variation=”blue” cite=”Stephen Martin, Founder Hub Planner”]I am delighted to see cutting-edge businesses such as Langland embracing and trusting in Hub Planner for their resource planning. As well as satisfying their business requirements they are helping us to shape the software in the right direction with solid functionality![/blockquote]

The Verdict

This new role now helps businesses who want to maintain an administrative usage but allow those who need to see the bigger picture in to the system while leaving the control firmly in the hands of the resource planners. The implementation has been a success and we hope you think so too! Big thanks to all the team over at Langland for all your support during this development.