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Integrations, Notifications and Single Sign On Coming Soon. 

Integrations, Notifications and Single Sign On Coming Soon. Well, we have a Summer Schedule jam packed full of exciting updates and new releases for Hub Planner including a massive new feature around Billing Rates that we know you will love. A Summer of Updates, here’s a sneak peak into what’s ahead of us… me [...]

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Super Power Scheduler Performance

Super Power Scheduler Performance Superman is a Superhero, SpaceX recently launched the most powerful rocket, the cheetah is the fastest animal while the Blue Whale is the most powerful. Hub Planner has just unveiled its own Super Power! We have supercharged the performance of the Resource Scheduler resulting in a vastly improved and faster user [...]

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Updated Login and Signup Screens

Updated Login and Signup Screens New Hub Planner login and signup screens Design & UX Visual Update Our design and UX team have made a small visual update to our login and signup pages. We have a lot of great new things coming, and this is the base preparation for whats ahead. We like it [...]

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New Tasks, Modals and Schedule Unassigned Time

The latest version of Hub Planner released today is packed full of new features extending the functionality and power of Hub Planner for your resource scheduling and time tracking. Whats New? The new release focuses on usability and Feature upgrades. We have re-engineered many of the current components to make them faster and snappier than before. [...]

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New Project Team Dashboards, Billing Rate Cards & More Resource Management Tools in Hub Planner 6.0

The Ultimate Resource Management Tools for Teams in 2016 Two weeks into 2016 and Hub Planner is releasing one of the biggest updates to the platform to date. This update is packed full of new features and comes with lots of improvements to the UI, as well as many upgraded and newly added extensions [...]

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Report Metrics Now Available in Days

Report metrics can now be switched on-the-fly via our new Hours / Days switch button in the reports. Hub Planner still accepts all data in hours and %’s as inputs, but with the introduction of this button you now have an option to convert those numbers into days in your reporting. The days conversion [...]

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Hub Planner 5.0 Released

We are very excited to announce the launch of Hub Planner 5.0, A Value Added Release to our Resource Management Platform. Hub Planner has already come through some major revisions over the past few years and today we are extremely excited about what is new in Hub Planner 5.0. What’s New? With every [...]

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Display New Booking Category Color

Display New Booking Category Color New updates released to the Hub Planner Platform include a way to set and display a booking category color. below are the details of the update. Set and Display Booking Colors Copy Notes between bookings Display Report Time Range Display Week in Day View Set and Display Booking Colors You can [...]

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Create Booking Categories

Create and add your own booking categories to any booking on the grid. By default, the category will be given a category called "General" which you can edit. From the settings page you can quickly add category names so you can start tagging your bookings with your own business terminology. Tagging a Booking with a [...]

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