New mandatory custom fields in resource management ….and more are on the way.

Custom fields are one of the most popular features of a resource mangement software, especially in Hub Planner – now you can make them mandatory. As always, we are continuing to improve what Hub Planner can do for you and how to better the user experience. A customer request we have been working on is the ability to make a custom field mandatory when creating/managing a new resource or a new project.

What is a ‘Custom Field’ and how to use in resource management?

Custom fields are perhaps our most loved feature in Hub Planner and excellent for resource management. Users will create these fields to record their own information/ criteria / industry jargon and load it to Hub Planner to help their resource management and scheduling. For your team, you can build a skills matrix, location, job title, level of seniority, etc. the list goes on. You can capture such a wide range of information. For projects, you might include fields like invoiced amount, data points, priority level, location, EMEA, APAC, etc. Users can define whether they are mandatory or optional fields. This allows users to collect the information they need to make informed decisions about resource allocation and project scheduling.

When it comes to resource scheduling and capacity planning in Hub Planner, you can quickly search the schedule, team or projects by the criteria you need. The schedule will dynamically filter based on the custom fields you have added. Now, you can make sure you have the right resource for the right project.

How to use skills matching in resource management?

Let’s show you how to use custom fields for skills matching in resource management. To use this feature, you can quickly add the criteria, required skills in the search field. For example, see the image below. We want any Designers (job title), based in NYC (location) who are available (capacity – scheduled tasks) for more than 80 hours next month. Hub Planner will instantly search your resources and match the criteria you have set. The schedule will dynamically filter based on the matched results. Now you have the perfect match, you’re ready to schedule.


Track time and spend by skill set, location, priority….

Not only are Custom fields great for resource scheduling and project planning. You can also track by custom fields too. How about being able to target where time was spent by job title, location? Who’s performing best? What projects are behind on deadlines and budgets? The scope of custom fields is vast.


Why make custom fields mandatory in resource planning?

Making fields mandatory, especially in resource management, can help ensure that all necessary information is provided and captured accurately. This can prevent errors and inconsistencies that could impact the quality and integrity of the schedule and the data. Think of capacity planning, resource allocation, and project forecasting. Not to mention resource scheduling – all these factors and processes come into play.

Prevent scheduling errors

Ensure the right resources are matched to the right projects

Include all correct resources in the capacity planning

For example, if a resource custom field is left blank or incomplete. Let’s say Job Title, for example. It could lead to the resource being left out of the search for scheduling. This could cause delays or errors in resource allocation, scheduling, and other aspects of resource management like time tracking and reporting.

By making a custom field mandatory, resource managers can ensure that when searching and scheduling, all resources are included in the search. Therefore, the data is consistent and reliable. Naturally, this will then improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your resource management processes, thus reducing the risk of errors or misunderstandings.

What else has Hub Planner on the way?

Well, we have quite a few in development! Such features on the road map are new features to timesheets and more security enhancements. Stay tuned to the blog here, our socials, join a webinar or drop us a line anytime.

Need to know more about Custom Fields?

Absolutely. Here is a great article on Save time and filter the schedule to quickly allocate the right resources to the right projects. Also, you might like: how to make a project pipeline using custom fields and smart groups.