Save time and filter the schedule to quickly allocate the right resources to projects

Filter the schedule for a quicker and more responsive approach to resource scheduling and project management.

Searching the schedule, looking to match the right resource to the right project task? Get rid of the cumbersome, time consuming search by activating the schedule filter. Quickly navigate and filter through the schedule by the criteria options you set.


Filter the schedule to boost resource utilization and hit project deadlines.

Filter the schedule by resources, job title, location, projects, status, skill sets….the list goes on. Use the generic filter options and even add your own unique custom criteria too. Whether that’s a team skills matrix or list of project requirements, adding your own custom fields will help you with more efficient scheduling and in turn, boost resource utilization and managing project deadlines.

Perfect for resource scheduling and project management. Use the schedule filter to help narrow down and refine the search for specific resources and projects. Apply the criteria required to the schedule for instant results. Filter the schedule for resources, projects or bookings.

Why use filters in resource management?

Search filters are used in resource management to help narrow down and refine the search for specific resources or assets. Resource management involves tracking and allocating resources such as equipment, personnel, and finances to complete projects or tasks effectively and efficiently.

Applying filters to the schedule allows you to specify the criteria you’re looking for in a resource, such as location, availability, skill set, or cost. This makes it easier to find the most suitable resources for a particular task, which can save time and improve the overall productivity of the organization.

For example, suppose you need to find a designer for a new project. Using the inline search filter, you can search for designers who have the required experience, skill sets, and availability to take on the project. This can help you quickly identify and assign the best candidate for the job.


Filter the schedule by resource type, project type and booking type of filters

There are varying options to filter the schedule by, including resource type, project type and booking type filters. Click the filter for quick access to resources, projects as well as predefined options including custom fields, status, tags and role types. The scheduler filter will allow you to tick and choose the criteria you’re looking for in a resource, project or booking.

Filtering the schedule in project management

Search filters in project management are useful because they allow you to quickly and easily narrow down your search results to find the information you need. Project management involves handling a large amount of data, including tasks, timelines, resources, and budgets. Search filters allow you to sort and filter this data according to different criteria, such as project status, due dates, assigned team members, priority, and more.

Using project and resource filters can help you:

Save time: Instead of scrolling through a long list of projects or resources, you can use filters to quickly find the specific information you need.

Increase accuracy: By filtering your search results, you can focus on the specific data that is relevant to your current task, client booking or project, which will reduce the risk of scheduling errors or oversights.

Improve organization: Filters can help you categorize and group your project requirements and resource data. Group the team skill sets, locations, clients, project fields, etc. Doing so will make it easier to manage teams and organize projects.

Facilitate collaboration: Applying filters allows you to easily share project data with your team members, allowing them to quickly find the information they need to complete their tasks.

Overall, applying filters to the schedule helps to streamline the resource management and project planning process by enabling you to quickly find and allocate the resources needed to complete a project or task.

Save the filter search for future access?

Hub Planner allows you to save the filter you have applied for future access. Create teams, project groups or schedules with the predefined filters applied.

Smart groups allow you to create teams of people or project groups based on the criteria you apply. Whilst smart schedules allows you to generate a saved view of a schedule you created, again using the filters you applied such as status, booking category, custom fields etc.