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Let’s demonstrate your workflow you are trying to achieve to optimize resource capacity and utilization. How to forecast project and resource planning. Find out how to navigate around the resource scheduler to identify available resources and team. We’ll show you how to organise your team into Smart Groups.  How to search for resources and projects through the Search Filter and Custom Fields. Who is working on what project? Discuss what the best price plan works for your team. Show you how Hub Planner reporting provides real time analytics allowing you to make quick proactive decisions when it comes to resource scheduling and project planning.

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Ready to try out Hub Planner?  Schedule your Free Demo Now 

What to expect?

There are two demo options you can sign up for.   Either a Question and Answer style session.  Alternatively sign up for an Introduction demo to Hub Planner.  Both are scheduled for 30 minutes each.   Both are interactive with you the user and us the Account Handler.   We’ll ask you some questions to get a sense of how best to structure the demo call.   We’ll take you through Hub Planner in as much detail as you need.   Feel free to ask as many questions as you wish.   If we run out of time, don’t worry.  There is always the support channel that allows you to interact with the Account Handlers who are there to answer your questions.



Which should I choose?

The Q&A style demo will be for users or current customers who have a list of questions to ask.  Some specific scenario that they are trying to execute and need some help.
The introduction demo is for those who have signed up for the 60 Day Free Trial and are looking to coinside the demo alongside the trial.  An introduction to Hub Planner and how best to utilize the trial to improve our resource management planning and scheduling.   We’ll give you some hints and tips about how to navigate around Hub Planner in the best way possible.  How to customize to suit your workflow and company settings.

How to schedule a demo?

To schedule a Hub Planner Demo, click the Calendly link to pick a date and time slot that works for you. All available times are defaulted to your timezone. We have allocated 30 minutes to each demo call slots. Feel free to add the demo meeting call to your calendar.

Calendly Sign Up for Hub Planner Demo

How is the demo conducted?

Demo calls are conducted via Zoom, an interactive bridge that allows us to audio chat and share our screen with you.  You will have full sight of the Hub Planner interface and we will talk you through the resource management software.  Zoom is free.  Download the app or use the desktop site.


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Should I Sign Up for the Free Hub Planner Trial first?

Ideally yes!  Why? By familiarising yourself with Hub Planner in advance this will allow us to maximise the demo call as much as possible. We’ll take you through how Hub Planner works, how utilizing the Resource Management software helps to schedule teams and plan projects in the most efficient way possible.  If you have used Hub Planner you might have specific questions about how to achieve your workflow.  But, don’t worry if you haven’t had a chance to familiarise yourself with Hub Planner prior to the demo call.  We of course will take you through Hub Planner Resource Management tool from start to finish.  Sign Up link
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How do I sign up for the 60 Day Free Trial?

Simple, just click the Sign Up link here or anywhere you see 60 Days Free – There’s plenty of opportunities throughout the site to sign up :) You can also sign up with Google or if your company uses Single Sign On, this is also an option.

Hub Planner Signup

What are the most common questions on a Demo?

  • Introduction to Hub Planner?
  • What does it do?
  • How to best navigate around the interface?
  • How to customize the scheduler?
  • Here’s my workflow I want to do.  How do I create it in Hub Planner?
  • How to connect other apps via API?

Can I schedule another demo?

Not really, no. To give everyone a fair chance, we allocate every customer account one demo call. Of course you are welcome to contact us with any questions you have. We have a dedicated support team ready to answer your questions and queries. Contact us via


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