As many of our Hub Planner customers know, our team lays a great importance on listening to our customers´needs and delivering continuous improvements, making our Scheduler the best choice for you, your team and the entire company. Therefore we are very happy we to introduce several enhancements to our features that will ease your way towards a successful project delivery.

Keep reading to see what´s new!

Unassigned Work Updates

One of our most sought-after extensions, “Unassigned Work“, has been updated with several nice new enhancements. The updates that have been made include the ability to:

  • Add Tags
  • Add Rates
  • Access to Edit Window for Managing the Category
  • Quickly Assign to Groups and Projects

The purpose of these enhancements is to bring more functionality to the unassigned feature overall.  In particular, we are proud to highlight the “Rates” addition which gives more control over counting the unassigned work towards your budget.

Interested in Unassigned Work?

This extension is perfect for those workflows where you know the work, but don't know who to assign it to yet. You need a place to schedule all of this work and it can get assigned later to a real resource.

Time Entry Notes Requirement Option

Another frequently asked feature that has been updated is the “Time Entry Notes Requirement”.  A New setting has been added to a Project which allows you to require a note upon time entry submission. This feature is giving project managers better time overview and understanding of how a Project´s time is spent. Maybe some assignments turn out to be more time consuming than expected and the Project´s deadline may be at risk. Whatever the case, this feature makes project managers well informed decision-makers.

In the Timesheets Settings you can enable or disable this feature if you want your team to add a note to the time entry as they work through their timesheets. This can be globally controlled for all projects or turned on / off on a project basis.

Hub Planner- time-entry-notes

Reassign Menu

To improve the process of planning and booking, we have updated the “Reassign Menu”. With the help of this feature you can quickly reassign bookings on to different resources and unassigned categories outside of the scope or group you are currently viewing as it. For example, it may happen that you have to change priorities last minute and can´t take on some of your scheduled bookings. Rescheduling it to another resource is now easy via the right click context menu.