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Project Planning Key Features

Project Planning within Hub Planner is tied directly into your scheduling. You can easily obtain a portfolio view of all projects on the schedule and see from a top level milestones, phases and special dates for the project. Every project in Hub Planner has a budget setting where you can create and maintain your budgets for all the work that is scheduled and time tracked making project planning a simple process.

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Project Planning Budgets

Have your project’s costs fully under control and set budgets for you project. Choose from budget in hours and/or budget in cash. If your teams work globally, set the currency appropriately. Hub Planner allows the currency to be changed for every single project. You can also specify a project hourly rate that will apply if your resources don’t have an individual custom rate giving you max flexibility.

  • Project Rates

  • Resource Rates

  • Vary Resource Rate per Project

  • Multiple Currencies

  • Budget Hours / Cash

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