The Approval Workflow needs to be activated first before it can be used.

There are a couple of items to check to make sure it is running correctly.

  1. The Extension Must be Installed
  2. Approval Must be Enabled
  3. Approval on Existing Projects

The Approval Workflow Extension must be Installed.

The Approval Workflow Extension is a Hub Planner extension which adds significant features to the Hub Planner Timesheets. To try out the extension or install it do the following.

  • Navigate to Settings
  • Choose Manage Extensions from the Sidebar
  • Find the Manage Workflow Extension and then Try it or Add It.

Approval Must be Enabled

You need to make sure that Approval is enabled on Projects. To do this:

  • Navigate to Settings
  • Choose Timesheets from the Sidebar
  • Make sure the “Enable Approval Process” is checked to “enable”
  • Press Save

Approval on Existing Projects

If you enabled the Approval process after time entry has already been submitted, you can activate Approval on existing projects by

  • Navigate to Settings
  • Choose Timesheets from the Sidebar
  • Check the box which says “Activate Approval on All Existing Projects
  • Press Save

This will now activate the approval process on all existing and new projects. This can be turned off on a project level.

Activating / Deactivating Approval on Single Project

You have the option to activate or deactivate time approval on a specific project. To do this

  • Edit the Project
  • Choose Timesheets from the left menu
  • Check or Uncheck the box for “Time Approval Required.”