Editing Unassigned Work via the Main Sidebar

To edit Unassigned Work via the left Main Sidebar: 

  • Select “Resources” and subsequently “Unassigned Work” which lists your Unassigned Work Categories
  • Click on the small arrow sign to the right side of the Unassigned Work Category you wish to edit
  • Finally, chose “Edit Unassigned…”


Editing Unassigned Work via the Scheduler Menu

To edit “Unassigned Work Category” via the Scheduler is simple:

  • Navigate to your scheduler and click on the three dotted sign located to the right of your Unassigned Category
  • Then just select “Edit Unassigned…”


Editing Unassigned Work via Right Click on Booking Cell

Alternatively, you can also edit “Unassigned Work” by a right click on any Booking cell.

  • In your selected Unassigned Work Category, right click any booking cell
  • Select “Edit Unassigned…”


Editing Unassigned Work via Header Drop-down

  • Navigate to your Unassigned Work Groups in the main left Sidebar and choose one category
  • While on a single Unassigned Work Category, click the arrow icon to the right of the Unassigned Work Name header
  • Select “Edit Unassigned…”

Hub Planner- header drop down

Editing Unassigned Work via Settings

  • Go to your Settings Page located in the top right header
  • In the main left Sidebar, under “Manage Extensions”, select “Unassigned Work” which shows a grid with all your Unassigned Work Categories
  • Click “Edit” which is located in the middle of the grid