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About Hub Planner Demo

A demo of Hub Planner is a great way to get a personal guided tour through our resource planning software. We conduct our demo’s via a conference call bridge and use sophisticated screen sharing software which you can simply reach by going to a link in your browser, no installs are necessary.  We take pride in our demo’s and they are carried out by passionate planning enthusiasts in our own team and not out-sourced to any 3rd-party support companies.

How Long are They?

A demo call usually lasts between 30mins to 1 hour and gives you the chance to see Hub Planner in action, but also ask us about your particular workflows so we can best understand your business and help you see how Hub Planner can make your planning more effective and efficient.

Can I prepare in Advance?

Yes. We do advise that you are familiar with how the tool works beforehand to make the most out of the call.

Does it matter where I am located?

Our support team are located on CET time zone, and we do our best to work with you on a time that works for both parties. We always find a solution that works.

Schedule a Demo

Please use this link to schedule your meeting with a Hub Planner Account Handler.