iCalendar Remote Teams

iCalendar Feed

Using our .ics iCalendar Feed, you can subscribe to:

  • Resource
  • Project
  • Project Group
  • Resource Group

The feeds are subscription based so you need to add the URL provided when subscribing to your own calendar.

Notes and Categories

Notes and Categories are integrated for increased transparency and functionality. Any notes you choose will be pushed to the local calendars along with the rest of the feed.


You can set up your iCalendar Feed within Settings -> My Settings -> My iCal Feed

To keep the loading nimble and fast we load bookings which have an end date within the last 30 days. They are real time sync’ed but it is up to you to set your calendar settings how often it refreshes the feed.

Help on iCalendar Feed

Navigate to the Knowledge Base on for further information on your iCal Feed.