You need to make sure you have the Unassigned Work Extension Installed in order to use Unassigned Work.

Adding Unassigned Work Categories

To add categories to the unassigned work extension. Login to your account, navigate to Settings and choose Unassigned Work from the sidebar. From here you will be able to add as many categories as allowed.

Manage Unassigned Licenses

Each category consumes 1 unassigned license. You can purchase licenses from the Unassigned Category page or when you are subscribing. To add or remove unassigned work licenses. Login to your account, navigate to Settings and choose Unassigned Work from the sidebar. Choose “Add More Licenses” and you will be presented with a pop-up allowing you to manage your licenses.

Deleting Unassigned Work

Choose the ‘x’ button located to the right of the category. Clicking it will show a modal which you need to confirm deletion. Deleting a category will free up a licenses. Please note, that deleting a category will delete all scheduled bookings on that category. If you are unsure, please create a new category as there is no undo.

Scheduling Unassigned Work

To schedule unassigned work, navigate to the scheduler. All unassigned categories should be visible at the top of the scheduler, if not, click the Unassigned Work Label on the left. Booking Unassigned work is easy. You can schedule them on the scheduler the same way you would schedule a Project.

Unassigned Work Menus

To the right of each unassigned work row, there is a menu which provides various options around Unassigned Work Rows.

Unassigned Work Rules

The following logical rules apply to Unassigned Work.

  • Unassigned Work can be added to a Project.
  • Unassigned Work can be added to a Project Group.
  • Unassigned Work can be added to a Resource Group.

You cannot add an unassigned work row to a resource. You can add to a resource group.

Unassigned Reports

Unassigned Work reports can be generated from the report templates.

Unassigned Work Role Permissions

You can set different role permissions for the Unassigned Extension Scheduling and viewing rights. As a Project Manager there is also an additional role setting for you to Schedule Unassigned and view Unassigned Work for the projects you are managing if you do not have global permissions to see all Unassigned.