This morning we pushed 2 new enhancements to the Hub Planner overbooking system. These feature enhancements were included to assist those who want to add more time outside of their daily working hours to specific bookings and for those who do not want to visually see any overbooking alerts on the grid.

Adding Even More Time

If you would like to add more time to a resource in a day then you can now do that by clicking the booking and adjusting the hours or % number top right in your bookings grid. All of this time gets counted in your generated reports. To help alert you to when this is happening we have applied a red background to the input field when you are adding hours outside of the daily working capacity. In line with the rest of our overbooking warnings we have also added the red overbooking bar to the booking which is overbooked. See the next feature if you want to turn these off.

Turn Off Overbooking


For those who don’t need to be reminded visually when you make an overbooking, you can now turn off all overbookings in your account settings by unchecking the box.

That’s it for today, please keep the suggestions coming in.


Hub Planner Team