Super Power Scheduler Performance

Superman is a Superhero, SpaceX recently launched the most powerful rocket, the cheetah is the fastest animal while the Blue Whale is the most powerful. Hub Planner has just unveiled its own Super Power! We have supercharged the performance of the Resource Scheduler resulting in a vastly improved and faster user experience. Think faster response times, dynamic loading of bookings and events, scrolling that works with you; this is the ultimate upgrade boost for resource scheduling of large teams.

Infinite Scrolling

To coincide with the Super Powered Scheduler Performance, we’ve also introduced another key feature; infinite scrolling allowing you to keep going up, down, left, right on scroll. A new installed visual loading indicator on the top left of the scheduler displays the status of you current booking load. We’ve done away with the buttons to the left and right when you’ve reached the end of your scrolling point.


Customer feedback and interaction is always welcome and imperative to us so we can develop and improve your experience of our product. We will always love to hear what you have to say, suggesting improvements of what you would like to see. So we have introduced a couple of feedback features..…

The first was to improve the implementation of the hover menu when scheduling. This menu was often disappearing if you rolled past the edge, especially if you had a sensitive scroll.

As a usability improvement we now keep the menu visible at all times allowing for this selection to be utilised more efficiently.

The second, within the project search function – you can now search via project code that you may have assigned.  Again, this feature will help you identify and access your projects in a more clear, concise efficient manner – try it out!