Integrations, Notifications and Single Sign On Coming Soon.

Well, we have a Summer Schedule jam packed full of exciting updates and new releases for Hub Planner including a massive new feature around Billing Rates that we know you will love. A Summer of Updates, here’s a sneak peak into what’s ahead of us… me it’s an exciting read.

Direct Inline Integration of BaseCamp & Hub Planner

Yes, that’s right – Hub Planner have created a direct inline integration with Basecamp, providing a seamless real time synchronization of the two collaborating softwares within the Hub Planner interface bypassing the requirement for any third party software. Now you can automatically synchronize and schedule your Projects and Resources from Basecamp. Just to note, those who use Basecamp via our Zapier integration, this will still work of course!

New Email Notifications

In this fast paced environment we need information quickly and efficiently right? Well, we’re going to help you on that with new email notifications that can be subscribed to on a resource level. The new notifications will allow team members to stay up to date with what they are being scheduled on from their inbox.

Make a setting which provides an alternative calendar year for vacations

Dolly Parton sings about working 9 to 5. Well in 2018, that ain’t the case Dolly! A small but important update that allows you to set your business calendar year to your desired starting and finishing date. This is a valued enhancement to our Vacation and Annual leave Workflow.

Requesting Vacation time via API

This is one for the developers, but we will be adding support for the creation of vacation requests via the API with some new endpoints which will be added.

Azure SSO (Single Sign On) Integration

Required nowadays more than ever, we are excited to be developing a marketplace integration for Single Sign On for Microsoft’s Azure, creating a seamless centralized log in. We feel this is an essential aspect for Azure users and gets rid of being redirected to log in for a second time, thus giving you quick, direct and efficient access straightaway. Thumbs Up!

Updated Billing Rates

This is one of our most exciting advances this Summer! We’re introducing the ability to allocate Internal Rates as well as External Rates which is tracked in real time providing you with a top level view of project hours and financial data – a fantastic enhancement to the resource billing rate extension we are really proud of and know from your feedback that you will love it too! As if that wasn’t enough?! We are also including a new Booking Rate which actually helps out those non billable hours a LOT. So now it’s easier than ever to generate bookings that to non billable – another super exciting feature that originated from your feedback !

Single Project Header

With the introduction of the new rates we are working on an interface to handle the different data, including using actual time pulled in from timesheets as well as new internal metrics to be displayed above the scheduler.

We’ll keep you posted about when they’re live !