New Billable Time Report

A new report template along with new columns have been added to the Resource Reports. Under Resource Reports you will find a new template called “Billable Time”. This report generates a new template with the 2 new added columns called “Total Billable Booked” and “Total Billable Capacity”. Both these columns are based on the date range you choose [...]

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New Project & Resource Reports Updates

Hub Planner Project & Resource reports has been updated with some great new UI enhancements. Hub Planner reports are very dynamic, and allow you to combine a lot of data in varying groups and filters, to get the finer details of how your team is being utilized. We have update the UI and addressed [...]

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Introducing Hub Planner Enterprise Custom Fields

Custom Fields is a new Enterprise Level feature now available for all of Hub Planners users to take advantage of. Resource Management and Project Management differs for each business, and we are often asked if it would be possible to add an extra field for a specific business metric to match internal business logic and [...]

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New Currencies, Role and Design Update

A few small tweaks to mention on Hub Planner this week. They are listed below. New Currency Formats Hub Planner now supports new currency formats for allowing you to localise your business set up even further. The following are the currencies supported which are reflected through the system including reports. EUR (€) USD ($) GBP [...]

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New Bookings Grid Tweaking

The next few weeks we are going to be focusing on fine tuning the new bookings grid with the help of your feedback and items that were on our list but did not make the first release. If you have any comments, bugs, tweaks, fixes or enhancements you would like to see, please post below [...]

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Resources Timesheets Updated

A few updates released to the resource timesheets this week. The changes are part of making the page more user friendly with some UX tweaks, rather than new feature updates. The new updates include: Automatic Saving when inputting time Time Stamp of Last Saved Entry Fixed Header Fixed Footer Performance Update Ability to Hide Booked [...]

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Improved Report Export & Role Support

A new release to Hub Planner which address improved Report Export functionality and Roles Support. Here are the details: Improved Report Export The improved in the Reports allows for exporting of data to Excel and CSV. From there you can easily generate a PDF of your exported data. The export allows you to generate files using [...]

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Dynamic Resource Planning Report Builder

Hub Planner releases a new and slick dynamic report builder for generating complete resource, project, budget, progress, availability and utilisation reports. The new reports give you a lot more flexibility to cross reference the data you have inputted into the system to create meaningful reports for your business needs. [one-sixth class="timeSheetIcons"] [icon name=icon-spinner] Dynamic [/one-sixth] [...]

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New Usability Improvements including Drag and Drop

Usability is key to using your resource planning software, and we pride ourselves at Hub Planner on having a well designed, user-friendly software across all resolutions. Today we have introduced some new features and usability improvements. Drag and Drop Projects to Grid You now have the ability to quickly drag projects from your sidebar and drag that project to any resource [...]

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Resource Availability and Allocation, Resource Billing Rates & Bonus Feature!

You can now set individual resource availability and custom rates for every team member in your company. Resource Availability Companies often require their team to work different hours. There are many examples of where you would want to use an individual resource time allocation such as working with freelancers to having part-time employees only committing to a percentage of [...]

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