Improved Report Export & Role Support

A new release to Hub Planner which address improved Report Export functionality and Roles Support. Here are the details: Improved Report Export The improved in the Reports allows for exporting of data to Excel and CSV. From there you can easily generate a PDF of your exported data. The export allows you to generate files using [...]

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Employee Working Summary Project Report

We are happy to announce a new dynamic reporting feature powered by our Feature Sponsorship Program, which allows you to export working summaries for all your projects and staff. The report creates line items for each date a resource/employee has booked or reported actual time on a project. Each line item also highlights the aggregated [...]

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New Resource Availability Report with Heatmap

Hub Planner’s New Resource Availability report provides you with a daily overview of your resources capacity, as well as an option to view their project hours booked, vacation hours, sick time and not available time booked. To enhance the readability of this report, we have implemented a cool heat-map feature which can be toggled on [...]

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Resource, Booking & Project Notes

Today we are releasing an exciting new update to Hub Planner which completely overhauls our current notes system. With the new notes panel we are giving you the added benefit of: Project Notes Resource Notes Project Chat Resource Chat Booking Notes Resource Links Project Links This roll-out is sponsored in-part by global insight and [...]

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