A new release to Hub Planner which address improved Report Export functionality and Roles Support. Here are the details:

Improved Report Export

The improved in the Reports allows for exporting of data to Excel and CSV. From there you can easily generate a PDF of your exported data. The export allows you to generate files using

  • Single Line Items
  • First Group Headers
  • All Group Headers

The group header exports are useful if you do not need all the line item data and just want the grouping data. You can read more specifics on our knowledge base here.

Improved Role Support

A first step to help enhance our roles we have introduced a checkbox in the Role Settings to be able to toggle on and off the functionality for a role to be able to edit the bookings grid or not. This can be useful if you would like your Team Users to also be able to add their bookings / time to the bookings grid. There are more role options planned for a future release.