The new Hub Planner Reporting System now allows you to create dynamic invoices based on the generated report you are looking at. This is particularly useful if you need to send a client an invoice for work done.
This is a first release of our invoicing feature with the following highlights

  • Generate Invoice from visible Report
  • Inline edit / Add / Remove / Customise any of the Invoice Fields
  • Add Billing Address
  • Add Totals and Tax Rates (This is not an automatic calculation)
  • Add Payment Terms
  • Add Billing Payment Information
  • Custom Footer

Print or PDF Invoice

You either have the option to Print or Save the Invoice to a PDF. The invoice is optimized to print and to be saved as a PDF. To do this you will use your operating system print dialog and either choose to print or print to PDF.

Inline Edit Invoice Details

Every item in the invoice with a blue dotted underline you have the ability to edit. Simply click it to set up the inline edit field. Rolling over these items also gives you the ability to duplicate and delete them as you wish.