Hub Planner Double Grouping Reports now supports Booking Categories

Hub Planner releases a new update to the Resource Management Softwares reporting platform. Now, add a secondary grouping by booking category. The ability to add a secondary grouping was released earlier this year. Allowing teams to breakdown analytics even further. Now, Hub Planner have added the option to double group by Booking Category.


What is Double Grouping?

Double Grouping allows you to add a second level grouping to the primary or first level of grouping within the report. For example; Resource Scheduled Time report breaks the report down by Resource. Now, if I add a secondary grouping, I can break down the Primary level data by the second level I choose. Options include: by project or event, custom field and now by booking category. (See table below for available options).

Double Grouping in Hub Planner reports allows you to optimize analytics by categorising and breaking down the report results for access to further information about projects and resources. – Hub Planner 


What are the Double Grouping Options?

Primary Grouping Secondary Grouping
Project / Event Not Grouped
Project / Event Resource / Unassigned Work
Project / Event Booking Category
Project / Event Project Custom Fields
Project / Event Resource Custom Fields
Resource / Unassigned Work Not Grouped
Resource / Unassigned Work Project / Event
Resource / Unassigned Work Booking Category
Resource / Unassigned Work Project Custom Fields
Resource / Unassigned Work Resource Custom Fields

What is are Booking Categories?

Booking Categories are seamless way to apply and track workflows and mythologies to your resource scheduling and project planning process. Use booking categories to help quickly and visually identify who is working on what?

In Hub Planner, booking categories allow you to apply a tag/status/indicator to a project or resource booking within the scheduler. – Hub Planner

Hub Planner Booking Categories