Today we have released 2 new updates to Hub Planner

1. Include / Exclude Event Time in Reports

This update introduces a check-box to let the user include or exclude time for events in reports. The reports that are affected include

  • Resource Time Report
  • Availability Report
  • Booked Report
  • Overbooked Report

You can easily adjust these settings from within each report.

2. New Detailed Time Entry View

We have updated the Detailed Time Entry view to be more user friendly and allow for bigger sets of data to be displayed without breaking the UI structure.  The biggest change you will find is a vertical day list as opposed to a horizontal list in the last version. We also removed unnecessary steps when trying to post a new time entry for a project. The timesheets that are affected are

  • Time Sheets
  • Project Time Sheets
  • Resource Time Sheets
  • Group Time Sheets

We are working on adding an improved export functionality to export all details for a given time range.

Enjoy //Hub Planner Release Team