We are happy to announce a new dynamic reporting feature powered by our Feature Sponsorship Program, which allows you to export working summaries for all your projects and staff. The report creates line items for each date a resource/employee has booked or reported actual time on a project. Each line item also highlights the aggregated totals on the resource and project in question so you can see a clear contextual correlation of the data with the bigger picture in mind.

Similar to our other resource and project reporting tools, this report comes equipped with

  • Exporting features (Excel, CSV, PDF)
  • Dynamic Column Sorting and
  • Quick filtering of the table so you can process the results quickly.

Report Time for Team Members

Administrators now have the ability to report time for other team members via the new dropdown menu in the time sheets sidebar.

We hope you continue to enjoy these new features on Hub Planner.

Kind Regards // Hub Planner Release Team