New Client & Customer Controls

It is an exciting week of updates from Hub Planner, with the release of the Smart Group Extension, we are now releasing on top of that a new way to handle your clients and customers. A new “Manage Clients” option has been added to the settings page, allowing you to create a list of clients you work with. You can inline edit and manage all of your clients from this page.

Setting Client on a Project

You will now see a new option when editing or creating a project that allows you to set 1 or more clients on any project. You also have the option to be able to create new clients inline without leaving the Project editing or creation window. The creation of clients is of course controlled from the Role settings of your account.

The Client List

The client list is an interactive module which you will find in the settings page. New clients can be added here as well as inline via your project editing window.

Localize Your Clients Name

With the client / customer Feature you have the option to change the key-wording to match what you call a client. This can be useful if you want to change it to your own language or maybe you refer to clients as Customers. Either way you have the flexibility to update and change this information. The results will be cascaded through the entire system to reflect globally within your Hub Planner account.

API – Client Handling

We have also opened up programmatic access to Creating / Reading / Updating / Deleting a client, also known as CRUD. You can do this via the Hub Planner API. For the non techies this allows you to integrate your customers with other 3rd party applications that you may use to store your existing customers.