Hub Planner API

Hub Planner API is now live and released for all of Hub Planner Customers. We have added all technical documentation to our Git Hub Repository here.

The API (Application Program Interface) allows Hub Planner users to tightly integrate our resource scheduling and planning software with some of your other favourite applications or services. One integration that we cover in our documentation due to the high demand is how you can integrate Hub Planner with Harvest. 


Hub Planner API provides programmatic access to Hub Planner Resource Management and Timesheets

The following Sections are available:

You can use the API to integrate Hub Planner with your own third party applications or generally integrate with your existing back-office setup. You can track all of the latest on our Git Hub page. Please let us know if you run into any issues or would like to share your integration with us via 

All our integration documentation can be found on Github here.

Zapier Integration

Hub Planner also integrates with Zapier. Click the link to find out more information about Hub Planner and Zapier

Hub Planner API Zapier