New Extension to Manage Public Holidays for Global Teams Released to Hub Planner

Create, Assign and Import Multiple Calendars to Hub Planner. The Brand New Global Public Holidays Extension is ideal for companies that are managing resource schedules within multiple countries and timezones. Map out Project Schedule and Resource Teams availability and avoid logistic challenges on a global level. Easily manage and track diverse international teams with Hub Planner’s Global Public Holiday Extension.

Embrace regional and country cultural customs and patterns to avoid and minimize workflow disruption. The New Global Public Holiday Extension automatically integrates and syncs with the Hub Planner Scheduler, the Vacation Dashboard and the vast Reporting functionalities. Furthermore, there are multiple editing and management options are available  to align with company policies on a global scale.

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Managing Public Holidays When Your Team is Global

Dramatically improve team collaboration by adopting the new Hub Planner Global Public Holiday Extension. Flexibility and adaptability is key to facilitate effective resource scheduling management and project planning. Especially for global teams. Hub Planner extends the already cohesive resource management software offering by allowing you to manage multiple holiday calendars globally. Not only that, we have created the functionality to import public holidays by country.

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Make it Easy to Collaborate Countries and Cultures

Cohesion is an imperative aspect of a global team. Installing the New Premium Extension of Global Public Holiday Calendars, allows you to plan ahead and avoids delays in managing time off. It’s also extremely important to also take the various cultures into consideration. With this in mind, Hub Planner have developed the functionality to not only import the holidays of each country. But, we have segregated them into 4 levels which you can adjust and add for each country and calendar you create. The levels are as follows:

  • Country
  • Local
  • Religious
  • Observance
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All calendar types are tick box options for Resource Managers to apply as necessary. Perhaps there is a requirement for some but not all holidays to be allocated. Therefore Hub Planner have cleverly developed the option to edit or remove the holidays from the calendars.

For example, a company gives Christmas Eve off to resources. Yet it’s not a public holiday under any of the levels. Hub Planner have created the option for companies to add Christmas Eve or any other holiday to their calendar listing.

Another example being, a company see Good Friday as working day. Even though it is a religious holiday for some. Companies are multicultural, multi-denominational, and need to take these into consideration when granting a holiday calendar. Therefore, there are options to remove, add or edit holidays within a calendar.

So Simple to Visualise Holidays per Region

Simplicity is key when managing a global team. That’s why we’ve made it so easy for resource managers to toggle between calendars. View multiple calendars in tab format. This helps to quickly view holidays per region or country. Not only that, we’ve added the function to color code calendar dates. This makes it easy to differentiate at a glance within the Hub Planner Scheduler.

View APAC, EMEA and AMER region calendars

What are the Key Features of the New Global Public Holiday Calendar Extension?

  • Create Multiple Calendars within Hub Planner
  • Ability to Assign Several Calendars to Resources
  • Automatically Import Public Holidays per Country directly into Calendars
  • Annual Repeat Option
  • Easily Manage, Customize, Edit and Adjust Calendars
  • Custom Manage Resource Public Holiday Calendars within the Resource Modal
  • Multiple Calendar Importing Options (National, Local, Religious & Observance)
  • Custom Color Code Holidays and Calendars
  • Fully integrated to the Vacation & Annual Leave workflow
  • Automatically Reports as Non Working Day within Scheduler and Reports
  • Easily Add / Remove Calendar Public Holidays as per Company Policies
  • Add or Remove Holidays to the default listing per Country
  • Visibility of Public Holidays within the Vacation Dashboard and Scheduler
  • Easy to navigate through calendars which are displayed in tab format

Use Smart Groups to create unique Global Teams

Excel your project management process with the use of Hub Planner Smart Groups that ties in with Global Public Holidays. Smart groups are automatically created based on a set of conditions you create. When creating resource groups for global project planning. The inclusion of time zones as one of your conditions might be required.

Scenario: Resource Group of Senior Java Developers + or – 5hrs of GMT. For example, the conditions are as follows:

      • Smart Groups Hub PlannerLocation Timezone
      • Job Title
      • Experience Level
      • Remote
      • Office Based
      • Full Time
      • Part Time

The above set of conditions can be created via Custom Fields and Tags.

When the scheduler filters through the conditions of a smart group like in the above example. With the Global Public Holidays Calendars resource planners will automatically have sight of time off for public holidays. Management can plan and forecast without any requirement to halt the timeline of the project for a holiday that was not known to the team planner. Not only that, Hub Planner’s Timesheets and Reports will also automatically update.

Embrace the benefits of a Global Team with Global Calendars

  • Recruitment pool is wider and more diverse – be it remote workers or indeed resources that are close to a client.
  • Company is running while you are sleeping – global time zones – speeding up project development
  • Cultures, Cities, Countries bring new creative ideas
  • Full sight of resource time off highlighted on the Hub Planner Scheduler
  • Bridge a knowledge or skill gap by seeking remote resources who are globally located

Communication is Key!

Yes, communication is undoubtedly important. How to combine this over multiple time zones is a tough cookie. However, communication doesn’t necessarily have to be in real time all of the time? While Hub Planner facilitates notes and access to 3rd party links. We also facilitate a direct inline integration to Basecamp which can massively help with communication through teams based around the globe. Or for those with access, how about using API to sync with Hub Planner and your comms channel like Slack or Rocket.Chat?

Alternatively, activate Hub Planner’s Email Notifications extension to automatically notify resources and approvers of New Projects and Bookings they are scheduled on as well as weekly Timesheet and Schedule reminders.

Knowledge Base

Global_Public_holidays_CalendarTake a look at the Global Public Holiday Calendar knowledge base for an in depth view of how the Premium Extension will work. How to add Global Public Holiday Calendar to you Hub Planner account. For existing users on our Premium Plan, you have complete access to this feature full extension at no extra cost. For our Plug & Play licence holders, why not trial it out for free?