Modern Slavery Statement

Founded in Sweden in 2013, Hub Planner is a leading global resource management software. Our business is a SaaS company, helping teams across the globe with resource scheduling, project planning and time tracking. Fully cloud based, our customers sign up to a subscription based plan.

Supply chain

First and foremost, we at Hub Planner are fully committed to treating all people with whom we interact with through our business and supply chain with the dignity and respect they deserve.

As we are a SaaS company, and fully cloud based, our supply chain is not that extensive. The majority of our suppliers provide us with software, hardware, network services and IT infrastructure.

However, for those that we do engage, we are committed to high ethical standards, promoting safe and fair working conditions. At Hub Planner AB, we do believe we have a responsibility and also an opportunity to encourage sustainable business practices as well as inclusion and diversity among our suppliers.

Modern slavery

Hub Planner are fully opposed to all forms of human trafficking, slavery, servitude, forced or compulsory labour and all other trafficking-related activities. We aim for a zero tolerance approach to violations of anti-slavery and human trafficking laws.

As a cloud platform, where most of our workers are employed directly by our organisation. We strictly prohibit human trafficking and the use of involuntary labour in our business and work to eliminate any human trafficking from our supply chains.

We aim for a zero-tolerance approach to violations of anti-slavery and human trafficking laws. Our position on this is well-known internally and explicitly stipulated in our internal meetings, training and enforced through audits.

All internal employees at Hub Planner are required to comply with our policies and procedures, which, among other things, prohibits violations of law, including labour and employment laws. Our staff may report any violations of, or activity inconsistent with, our policies and compliance procedures pursuant to the Hub Planner Whistleblower and Complaint Policy.

Management of third parties

We are working to encourage all third parties engaged by our business to be mindful of, and compliant with, ethical practices.


To ensure a high level of compliance with our policies and procedures against human trafficking and modern slavery in our supply chains and within our business, Hub Planner provides training and briefings to all employees and directors.