When you create or edit a project you now have the ability from the drop-down to assign a particular project with a status indicating the business stage a project might be at.

Hub Planners new system introduces 3 new statuses, along with an automatic project colouring system which you can activate for your bookings grid.

The statuses can best be explained as follows:

Active – This is the default status which means the project is up and running and has no special parameters or restrictions.

Pending – A pending status can be useful when you want to plan a project ahead that has maybe not been approved yet. This project can be booked but will not show any over-bookings or report any hours to your reports. Once the project is ready to go you can switch it to active and all hours will be tracked.

Floating – A floating status can be useful when you want to plan a booking for a resource that you know might overbook them, but you understand that situation and it’s a special case for this resource.

Planned – A planned project status is used when you know the project is going ahead but you don’t want those hours reported yet until it is made a reality.

Archived – The archived state will remove the entire project from the grid.

You have the choice to use the system status colouring or choose your own colouring system via the manual colour picker. Once you have activated the system status , all bookings on your grid will now visually match that colour. Using these status colours will give you a visual indication of what your project statuses are.

By default we have chosen 5 colours to represent the new statuses. If you wish you can change these anytime to your companies taste by using the colour pickers in your settings menu.

Lastly, these new statuses are also available in your Project Reports, so you can filter our the report based on status.

We hope this helps you in your resource and project planning.

Thank You

Hub Planner Team