We have pushed a few updates this morning to our reports section.

New Filters

In an effort to clean up the report table space we have introduced some quick filters. You can now use the radio buttons at the top of the Resource Time Report to filter out projects which

  • have zero hours reported
  • view only those with time booked


New Date-Range Presets

The date-range layout has been updated and we have introduced 3 new date range present to the reports page sidebar. They are:

  • Up Until Today
  • Today Onwards
  • Next 30 Days

Remembering Report Time

To make sure you do not have to keep setting the date each time you go into the resource reports, Hub Planner now remembers your previous date selection to save time.


We are constantly working on trying to update our reports tool and welcome any feedback or suggestions in what you would like to see in your reports here.