What is Hub Planner?

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Hub Planner is a resource scheduling, timesheets and vacation management tool, designed and developed to provide businesses with a sophisticated and modern tool to plan, schedule, track and book their teams of resources. Hub Planner is built around the mindset that the resource comes first, and not the project. The software focuses on providing your team with a bird’s eye view of your businesses availability and utilisation, while providing insight into teams progress, billability and profitability.

The Components

Hub Planner is made up of a few main components to help bring the resource scheduling together. They are

  1. The Scheduler
  2. Timesheets
  3. Reports
  4. Vacations / Annual Leave / PTO
  5. Dashboard
  6. Settings
  7. API

The Scheduler

The resource scheduler allows you to schedule your resource on different projects & events and plan vacations. The scheduler is an interactive tool and can be used by both team members to view what they are on and project managers to schedule the team.


Hub Planner Timesheets is an extension to Hub Planner’s base functionality and allows your team to enter the actual time they spent on projects. Each team member gets their own timesheet module allowing where the suggested time from the resource scheduler is pre-entered into their timesheets to make the process more streamlined.


All data entered into the system can be aggregated, manipulated and exported in the reports section. Reporting in Hub Planner offers many different templates to display the data and allows you to build your own reports and save your own templates.

Vacation / Annual Leave / PTO

Hub Planner has an optional Vacation and Annual Leave extension which gives each team member a vacation dashboard and allows you to set how many vacation days each employee receives per year. From here they can request vacation / annual leave / pto and it can go through an approval process.


The dashboard is  used to grab a snapshot of your resources, projects and groups. There are widgets and graphs available to give you a sense of how the team is performing this week, and allow team members themselves see metrics which are important for them.


From the settings page you can control all global options for your Hub Planner account. You can customize the keywords used for your business and team members can login and adjust their profile.


The API is available for companies to integrate Hub Planner with other third part software. We have a the full REST API documentation located on our Github page. https://github.com/hubplanner/API

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