Quick Availability View

You can view the list of resources by clicking the three-lined icon in the top left and then selecting “Resources. The resource list will appear, showing the week’s availability for quick decision-making. Color coded dots indicate whether a resource is available, at capacity or overbooked. Additionally, under every dot is a number which stands for availability in hours. Clicking on an individual resource will show you the resource’s full scheduler calendar.

Integrated Heat Map allows you to quickly orientate and see whether a resource is available, at capacity, overbooked, under capacity or not available. You can differentiate these statuses by the color coded cells in the calendar.

  • Should the resource be overbooked or not available, you’ll see red color coded cells
  • Should the resource be under capacity, you’ll see blue cells
  • In case a resource is just at capacity, it will appear as green


View and Add New Resources

On the top left of your Scheduler is a three-lined icon, clicking that icon will redirect you to a menu. If you choose “Resources” from the menu, you can see an entire list of your resources as well as you will have an option to “Add New Resources” to the list.


Add New Project

There are two ways how you can add a new project: 

  • Click the “Plus” button at the top right
  • Click on a date in your scheduler, then scroll down under the scheduler and select “Add New”


Edit Bookings

Bookings can be edited in a very quick way.

By clicking on a particular date in the scheduler, appropriate assigned projects will show in relation to that day underneath the scheduler. Click the project, and then chose “Edit Booking”.

Here you can edit the Bookings’ information such as:

  • Project/Event
  • Start and End date
  • Allocation
  • Color of the Booking
  • Category
  • Note
  • You can also delete the Booking by clicking the “Trash” icon on the top right

After you edited the information, just confirm your action by the click on “Update” and you are done!


Edit Resource’s Name

Have you got the name wrong? No worries. Just click on the “person” icon on the right bottom and edit the name.

Different View Modes

You can view your scheduler in different modes for clearer overview. In the footer icons you can select from the options a week view mode or a day view mode.