Hub Planner includes a very powerful reporting system, which allows you to customize reports as you like. The reports are built around the data that is generated both from the Scheduler Bookings Grid as well as the Timesheets.

Reports provide really powerful analytical insight into how you team is progressing, if budgets are on track and how well the team is being utilized.


The report is built on a table based interface which allows for maximum readability when loading in columns of data you want to see reported. The main tools for controlling the reports are located just above the table, with additional navigation pieces in the sidebar:

  • Report Templates
  • My Templates
  • My Reports
  • Advanced

Hub Planner - Reports Overview

Report Date Range

Each report must have a start date and an end date so Hub Planner understands what data you would like to see. We have included a smart date range picker with some presets for you to pick between dates you are interested in seeing a report for.