A capacity bar which if enabled will display the different states of a booking at the top of each resource row. The following bars can be displayed:

  • Overbooked Bar
  • At Capacity Bar
  • Under Capacity Bar
  • Available Bar
  • Not Available Bar

You have the options to change colors and toggle visibility of each of the individual bars in the settings page under ‘Scheduler Customisation’.

Availability Mode

If you prefer to always see the availability of your resources when you plan, you can now turn on availability mode which always displays the availability of your resources so you can easily see their capacity as you book them. This availability mode is also available in conjunction with the Capacity Bar, but works on hover of each cell.

Perfect For: The Scheduler bookings grid is perfect for those Monday Morning Meetings or Friday Evening wrap ups to see how the week ahead looks and how the current week went. Everyone can easily digest where the gaps are in production within a few glances at the schedule.