Project Manager is an Extension for Hub Planner which can be installed and activated on the Extensions page in Settings. Assigning a resource as project manager for a project helps you create ownership and accountability for that Project. It enables Project Managers to quickly view their managed teams and track & schedule their time.

What is a Project Manager?

Being a project manager means that you are entitled to manage a Project, even if you may not normally have privileges to do that on a role basis.

For example, if you only are a team member or don’t have rights to edit bookings on the grid, but you are a project manager, you can edit that project on the scheduler bookings grid.

What Does a Project Manager have rights to do?

A Project Manager will get a new “Managed Projects” group in their sidebar to quickly view the projects they are managing.

Enabling the Project Manager Extension will activate the following functionality within Hub Planner.

  • Adds New Project Manager Select option to each Project Modal
  • Ability to Assign Multiple Project Managers per Project
  • Project Managers can Approve Time only on Projects they are PM’ing. (Unless they are an Admin / have access)
  • Project Managers can create Project Manager Reports
  • Adds a new group to the Grid sidebar filtering Projects they are Project Managing
  • Project Managers can Edit Projects they are Managing (If don’t have access)
  • Project Managers can Book and Schedule on the Scheduler Bookings Grid they are Managing.
  • Provides Accountability
  • Create Group Reports by Project Manager

You can assign multiple resources to a project to be Project Managers and any resource can be set as a PM.